A COUPLE whose love started through TikTok, have hit back at trolls who have attacked them for their 37 year age gap. 24-year-old Quran first met Cheryl, 61, when he worked with one of her family members and they instantly had a connection. Their friendship developed and deepened through a mutual interest…TikTok. Quran started to develop feelings for Cheryl and felt like he had to go for it! He told Truly: “I asked her out and I caught feelings first, we decided to make it into a relationship because we were both happy”. Then to their delight, their TikTok videos absolutely blew up so much that they even had celebrities reposting and commenting on their content. However, despite the couple growing from strength to strength, not everyone was accepting of their new found love, with them receiving hate comments every day. Quran said: “They call her a zombie, the walking dead, how can you date your Grandma?” As well as these awful comments, people kept questioning whether their relationship was actually genuine. The couple added: “You will never find happiness if you spew hate, we’re happy and you can’t stop us!”

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Videographer: Michael Catron
Producers: Adam Fleet and James Thorne
Editor: Tom Buckman

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