There was a point in time when I was embarrassed and had to turn the light off prior to intercourse, had little confidence in the bedroom, and ejaculated way too fast. There was a point in time when I had a flaccid penis size that looked as if all I had was a penis head (lol), and where my erection size only reached 5 1/2 inches… if I was able to get fully erected. There was a point in time where my significant other would fake orgasms and show disinterest in making love.

If you read the above carefully, you can clearly see that all of those negatives were things that happened in the PAST! I’m now much more confident, much more bigger, and my significant other is responding better than adult film stars!

How did I get to this point? How did I manage to naturally increase my penis size (which was an extra 2 inches… and a whole lot MORE other benefits)? Did I take some type of miracle drug? Did I strap on some type of dangerous tool? Did I book an appointment with a Hollywood doctor to magically inflate my penis size?

NOPE! What I did to grow bigger and to improve my performance in the bedroom was natural penis exercises using nothing but my hands and some lubrication… in just about 6 minutes a day. That’s it.

This awesome success story is not just for me, or just a few select men, this is what around 90% of all men who get the right penis exercise program and stay consistent experience as well.

Now, inside a penis exercise program, you’ll find a myriad of highly effective penis exercises that you can do to improve ALL areas of your manhood (your penis head, the length, the girth, how hard your erections are, how your penis looks appearance wise, how long you can last during sex… plus more). But in this article, I wanted to share with you what my 3 favorite exercises were to increase the length of my erection. Now, please understand that these exercises are ADVANCED. They can only be done after you have done the beginner and intermediate workouts.

The Behind The Leg Stretch

Looking at the name of this workout may make you think… “what the heck… do I must have some type of super long penis for this workout?” And no, that’s not the case. You do however need to have a little more length than the average penis in order to do this workout effectively… which is why this is an ADVANCED workout and should only be done after you’ve completed the other levels.

How this workout is done is you’ll place your leg on an elevated surface and then you have to reach behind and under your leg to grab your penis, and then you have to do a special and gentle stretching motion on your manhood. This sounds complicated, but once you advance through a penis exercise program, doing this type of workout is a piece of cake.

The Slap N’ Squeeze

LOL, the names of these workouts sure do leave you with an impression that you are about to do some type of serious damage to your penis! But don’t worry, none of these exercises are dangerous.

Anyway, the slap n’ squeeze workout was definitely one of my favorites… and one of the workouts I believe played a significant role in expanding the size of my penis. The reason why is because this workout is more of a “booster” exercise to existing workouts. In other words, it’s not really effective by itself, but when used in conjunction with other workouts, your results are sure to come lightning fast!

The way this workout is done is simply by slapping your slightly erected penis onto each thigh with your hands gripping the base of your penis.

Crook Tugs

Crook tugs may seem pretty complex once you read the full instructions on how to do them, but they are actually pretty easy to do. What this workout primarily does is it gently stretches out your penile shaft with holding routines (i.e. holding a stretch for 5-10 seconds). This workout is extremely effective and many have reported a significant increase in gains once they got to this part within a penis exercise program.

So, those are my 3 favorite erection lengthening workouts that I found to be fun, simple, and highly effective. If you decide to exercise your penis, my advice to you is to for one, make sure you get a highly effective program, secondly, make sure you follow the program exactly as it is structured, and thirdly, try out ALL workouts because you may notice that some workouts may not work well for you and some will SKYROCKET your gains!

Source by Anthony Sciuto

By mike