Even today people continue to believe that homosexuality is an abberation, an abnormality or even a criminal behavior. However it has been scientifically or legally proved and it is not so and it is one of the choices that we make in the process of growing up. Infact there is a huge body which suggests that sexual orientation is establishes in as young as a child of 3 years the person may grow up with these characteristics and they may grow up with these characteristics and while the process of growing p may show an attraction to the opposite sex or to one’s own. This has caused a lot of animosity from religious groups, sociocultural groups saying that this has to be corrected. However the psychological manuals no longer describe homosexuality and a mental disorder or something that has to be corrected. It is better when it is left alone and the person needs to be clarified in his own mind about his true sexual orientation and help him or her get on with life just as any other individual. In the past there were cruel methods to deal with homosexuality such as lobotomies or brain surgeries, medical castration or drugs being given to decrease the hormonal content in the person as well as lot of aversive and noxious stimuli in addition to noxious stimuli in an attempt to help the person to get over these impulses. research has shown that 88% of the people who were done like this had no change in their sexual orientation, rather it made them more anxious and even suicidal because It has exacerbated their guilt feelings and feelings of hopelessness and dejection. It was only 3% who had a different sexual orientation because end of such cures because it could be because they were not truly homosexual. In conclusion, let us not follow blind methods to cure homosexuality. Rather embrace the different kind of sexual orientation in a humane and a beneficial manner for all people.