People who are familiar with terms like “tune,” “hot rodding,” and “hopped up” recognize that such terms are utilized in the automobile world. If, for example, someone says they’re running a “hopped up” engine in their car, one can be assured that this means that they have taken measures to increase that engine’s performance. In other words, they have altered their car’s engine so that their car will be faster, usually with an increased top speed.

One of the drawbacks for impatient men involved with penis enlargement, is that they are eager to see increases in the length and girth of their penis as soon as possible. The faster, the better. When some men fail to see immediate results, they lose interest in trying to enlarge their penises and they give up.

Well, we certainly don’t want that to happen to any man, so let’s see what we can do to “speed” up the enlargement process:

There are ways to “tune” your current penis enlargement techniques in similar ways as to how a car’s engine can be “hopped up.” However, instead of the penis going faster, we’ll actually be increasing the speed in which we get to see and take advantage of the increases in the size of our penises.

There are a few techniques that can aid men in that extra “speed” they are looking for. These tips are focused more on men who are utilizing penis exercises for enlargement results, but can be applied to other manners and methods of penile enhancement.

1) Increase your Intake of Water – This is especially important for men that are utilizing “physical” methods (like penis exercising) to enlarge their penises. Water helps keep the penile tissues (including the penile skin) more elastic and healthy.

2) Vitamin C Supplementation – Vitamin C is essential for the strength of capillaries and is imperative to the healing process. Vitamin C supplementation will make your arteries and veins stronger and will ensure that you heal as fast as possible from your enlargement exercises.

3) Warm Up and Warm Down – Methods of heating the penis before penis exercising and after penis exercising will increase blood flow to the penis. This blood carries fresh nutrients and oxygen that are needed for the healing process. The faster you heal, the faster you will grow.

4) Stagger Penis Exercises – Do stretches every other day instead of every day. Interspersed within these days, due “milking” techniques, every other day. It’s like working out your leg muscles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and working your arm muscles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Staggering different types of exercises give the penis (or in this example, specific muscle groups) time to better heal the day after they have been worked out.

5) Increase Amino Acid Supplementation – Amino acids are incredibly important for numerous penile tissues to heal and form properly. A decrease in these protein building blocks will only slow down your enlargement results.

6) Cut Out the Alcohol – Cut out alcoholic beverages, as alcohol is hydrophilic and will dry your penile skin. This will decrease its elasticity and will make it more prone to damage from penile exercises.

7) Stop Smoking – Smoking destroys the smaller-end capillaries. Especially in distal extremities (like your fingers and toes) and appendages (like your penis). Penile function and penile enhancement are based on hemodynamics (blood flow and blood pressure). I promise you, that if you smoke, your penis will become less sensitive, less responsive, grow smaller, and it will compromise your ability to increase its size.

8) Make the Best Use of Your Time and Technique – Learn the facts and don’t waste precious time on products or techniques that aren’t going to give you any enlargement results at all.

9) Keep Motivated – Losing motivation means you are going to lose interest in enlarging yourself. For your penis enlargement motivation, for example, get a poster of a sexy girl and hang it in your bedroom. Whenever you look at that poster, make sure it reminds you to enlarge your penis. This is a “reward” method to keep you continually motivated. When you see that sexy poster, tell yourself that once your penis is enlarged, you will be meeting women like this all of the time. Keep your motivation up and you will get bigger sooner, instead of losing interest.

10) Start a Good Cardiovascular Workout – Increasing the strength of your heart and its corresponding arteries and veins will make it easier for you to create erections, it will help you maintain your erections, it will make your erections harder, it will help you sexually last longer (increased stamina), it will make your penis more sensitive, it will increase the pleasure you feel during sex, and it will allow you to increase the size of your penis faster. Just walk around your work building during your lunch hour if you are pressed for time. Because your cardiovascular system is the core system of your penis function, getting it in excellent shape will do wonders for your penis function, sensation, and your ability to increase its size.

These are all very simple concepts that are extremely easy to implement, won’t take up much of your time, don’t cost hardly anything, and will increase your ability to enlarge your penis faster than without taking these steps.

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