Cloud Talk 2 is the second video in my Cloud Talk series. In this video I talk about understanding my anxiety, depression and mental health,

As a young gay, black man struggling with mental health, it can be easy to not acknowledge the bleakness (depression). This is a pretty raw video of me acknowledging aloud on camera for the first time my anxiety, depression and mental health. A little hard to watch but I have turned a corner. Anxiety and depression doesn’t have to rule your life. Once you acknowledge and understand your mental health you can then put the work in to fix it. I try to explain what is anxiety and the impact that anxiety has had on my life.

I wanted to show others who may be in similar position.. It’s not all negative and that you aren’t alone. Mental Health Awareness is so important as the more these conversations become normalized the easier the battle is to overcome.

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Don’t Give Up!

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