phone, tablet, laptop, metal, hardware, bedframe, plastic, thread, fishing hook, dyed shirt, pillows, curtains

At the time of making Three Scenes From a Bedroom I was getting into the world of computer generated imageries. However, my initial attempts were met with great resistance. The bleakness of the digital landscape rendered even the most intimate scenes oblique.

For the audio I sampled a short “documentary” about a young porn actor named Paul who worked for a company that produced “gay-for-pay” contents (it was since taken down from YouTube). The clip was incredibly revealing of Paul’s personal life, but it was also laden with corporeal agenda, which confused Paul with the straight men he would go on to portray.

The structure was essentially an elaborate frame to hold together my research interests. It’s also one of the rare instances where the frame ended up with more resolution than the pictures.
Dec 26, 2020

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By mike