On Daith Faith, Pastor Derek Draughon is back with us to share insights on the power God has given us as Christians over the spirit of fear. He is the Lead Pastor at Saraland First in Saraland, AL, and he is the host of Fuel Cast, a show dedicated to inspire, encourage, and strengthen your inner man. Pastor Derek discusses the importance of grasping the power God has given to us through His word and using it against the enemy’s attacks. Every day, we face situations that attempt to hinder our walk with the Lord that can keep us in a state of confusion. The devil tries hard to blind you and keep you in the lowest and darkest places of despair in your situation. He promotes feelings contrary to the word of God. This same ploy causes us to shrink back, keeping us from standing in our God-given faith. Peter describes to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:17, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Philip and Pastor Derek want to support and encourage your faith today, giving you a word that inspires you to hold onto God’s promises for your life and trust in His faithfulness. Don’t sit and curse the darkness; take back your day by standing in faith and walking in God’s power, love, and sound mind for your life. For more information about Saraland First with Pastor Derek Draughon, please visit www.saraland.church and watch the latest episode of Pastor Derek’s show Fuel Cast visit www.fuelcast.tv.

For over thirty years, we have been working in a small, impoverished country in Eastern Europe to help rescue orphaned children, giving them a safe place to call home. Moldova has the highest death rates leading to alcohol consumption, forcing many young children out of their homes into an orphanage. In the orphanages, the kids are told that no one will ever love them, and they will never amount to anything in life. Those hopeless words leave these kids with feelings of fear and rejection. When they become of age, they’re forced out of the orphanages with no place to live or food to eat. The Orphans Hands ministry has been a turning point for these young kids and saves them from the risks of human trafficking. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine. Upon coming into their new homes, they learn to let go of the fears from the past, allowing them to walk in true freedom by the Holy Spirit. The power of God has forever changed their lives, and it enables them to reach out by faith and help others that they were once like. They have a video to share of what your generous support and prayers have helped them accomplish. Thank you! To learn more about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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