Chris Evans plays Mike Weiss, and Mark Kassen plays Paul Danziger in the new movie Puncture. In another new movie that is coming out, Captain America, Chris Evans is also the star in that one. Puncture is based on an actual court case that happened in the 1990’s. It gets deep into American business revealing the unethical and illegal means that they will go to, just to try and make a little money.

If you are under the impression that an American business would never do anything that could cost somebody their life, you really need to see Puncture, and find out what they are really all about.

If you happen to believe that it would not be possible for an American business to set up something that cheats every citizen of the country, well, you have another thing coming. Puncture the movie, shows us a side of American businesses that few of us never even knew existed.

It is about an inventor named Jeffrey Dancort, who came up with an idea how to manufacturer a new and much safer syringe. At this time in our history, the world was just starting to understand AIDS and HIV. The scientists that were working on the project at the time discovered that you could catch the diseases from the blood of a person that already had them.

Many doctors and nurses were dying from it at the time, and nobody could figure out why, until this new information became available. They were dying because they were somehow sticking themselves accidentally with syringes that they used to give shots to patients to that had the diseases.

It is only logical to think that if the hospitals could do something that would help to keep their employees alive, they would do it. But, what the inventor did not know, was that there was an organization that controlled all medical products and drugs that were used by every hospital in America.

Of course, this group was funded by the giant pharmaceutical companies, just to ensure that their company’s always got every contract. Why not let doctors and nurses keep dying just as long as we get all of our money, was their attitude.

After all, in America when you build a better mouse trap, the world is supposed to come knocking at your door. That is the way business in the country is understood to work, but that way would have let other companies into the private domain of the mega money hungry medical firms that only were concerned about their profits.

Not only did these corporations policies help keep them on top; it also assured that no other firm ever had a chance to play at all. If you enjoy seeing the weak and poor, battle the powerful and wealthy, then you should truly appreciate the Puncture movie. It also gets quite deeply into the relationship that the lawyers have with each other, and their client. If you are a high intensity drama type of movie fan, then this film is a must see.

Source by Jason Bacot

By mike