One of the most celebrated fishes that people keep is Koi carp. These fishes are not only easy to take care of but are also very gay and attractive to look at. When you have you own pond, you will surely take pride on the beauty that it gives. In some places, they are only called as carp but to narrow down the generalized class which is found mainly in Japan, thus they are called as Koi Carp.

Koi carp were once kept by people of the mountains of Japan to serve as their food preserve in times of winter. However, later on, it is as if their beauty was discovered and they were soon brought to other parts of the world. They were bred to produce different kinds of Koi carp that possess unique and sometimes baffling marks in their bodies. It is said that the best breeders of these species of fish are still found in Japan.

One of the common mistakes that people make in identifying this kind of fish is that they associate them with gold fishes. Although they may look the same on the outside, especially when you look at them from above, they are two different species. Goldfishes were developed in China out of the breed of selective Prussian carps.These fishes on the other hand were developed out of common carp only- and mainly in Japan. With regards to their physical attributes, Goldfishes are smaller in size. They also have greater variety of fin and tail configurations. The other on the other hand are bigger and they often have the same body structure.

Koi carp, as already mentioned are best when they are placed in a pond. This is called a Koi pond. The pond serves as the abode of the pets. But mind you, the pond must not be just your ordinary pond. It must be equipped with the right tools for maintenance and it must be placed on a spot that does not open the helpless fishes up to their predators. Common predators would include raccoons, cats and kingfishers. The pond need not be too deep for the fishes not to be scooped out. Instead, the keeper often provide nets over the place to decrease attempts. The depth of the pond must be at least a meter but may be deeper if the place has a colder climate.

Keeping them needs three basic rules. First, always keep the water in the pond clean. This pertains to the elements and other dirt which may enter into the open pond. When contaminated with dirt, it can cause illness and other problems to the fish. Second, These fishes are great eaters which is why feeding them must be done in small amounts only but do it often. Lastly, do not overcrowd your pond. Only keep Koi carps in numbers which you know you can accommodate and take care of.

Sometimes, to emphasize and even add beauty to the pond, they would add small man-made waterfalls. This proves exciting for the Koi carps and at the same time, this adds the catchy factor of the pond.

Source by Nikki Aquino

By mike