The English and the French were the main people who were instrumental in inventing the tie and tiepins. They did it mainly to prevent the tie from causing any disturbances by not allowing the tie to swing back and forth. Even then, they had a separate men’s jewelry box to safely store their tiepins.

The women of the 18th century also wore ties when they cycled, went boating, or played tennis or golf. The tie pin came in handy as it clasped their clothing safely together.

Going down memory lane you will remember your father or grandfather in formal clothing all day long. They always had a sense of dress and style. An Englishman would always be dressed up and never without his tie and a tie pin.

In today’s world, only professionals wear these accessories. Tie pins have always been in vogue, and the fashion has not faded but has been somewhat improvised. Many new patterns and designs have made their appearance.

The modern world is so conscious about looks that the right accessories are absolutely essential. To achieve smart dressing, you have to buy the perfect accessories to help you dress better.

Tiepins are usually made with metals like gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and silver. They especially look fabulous when gems and precious stones like jade, jasper, moonstone, sun stone, amber, opal, coral, pearl, and abalone are embedded on them.

Tie pins come in varying styles like tie slides or otherwise called slide bars which hold the tie and the shirt together. There are also the tie clips and clasps and tie tacks are different from both tie pins, bars, and clasps.

Tie tacks have a button which is threaded through the label behind the tie and the chain is attached to the shirt through the button hole. The first part of it is the decorative part, and the second is the chain. It is a classy ornament but you should be extra careful when using it.

Tie tacks tend to destroy the button holes of the shirt, and as time goes by, they also have a tendency to stain causing damage to the tie as well as the shirt. The tie tacks also have a sharp pin to attach it to the shirt.

Recently the tie strap was invented as some people prefer not to make their accessories visible and cause distraction. This is made out of transparent plastic. It can also be slipped through the label loop of the tie and button on to the shirt. It is considerably lighter than the other tie pins.

There are a wide range of men’s jewelry boxes available exclusively for storing tiepins. Their purpose is to store the pins safely to preserve their value. These boxes are usually lined with a soft material to prevent damage to the tiepins, especially those embedded with precious stones.

There are so many designs and types of pins, clasps, etc that you could choose from. There are ones to suit your taste as well as your pockets. But just remember whenever you buy a tie accessory make sure you use it, and not let it lie in the valet to remain just a show piece.

Source by Rachael Celia Berlie

By mike