There are many different types of Indian clothing available in the market today. Ranging from the new and fusion styles to the ethnic varieties, women as well as men have a wide range of choices for different occasions. This variety is the result of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India which includes beautiful textiles, exquisite techniques and unique motifs and patterns. People with varying practical requirements and fashion sensibilities can find something appropriate for them and their wardrobe if they choose to go down the ethnic route. These are some of the wonderful varieties of Indian clothing options available for Indians and those interested in Indian culture, divided according to gender:


For men, Indian clothing includes both informal and formal wear options. Some of these, such as short kurtas, long kurtas, pyjamas, salwars and churidars are common to both men and women, though they come with a distinctive fit and silhouette to suit a masculine aesthetic. Indian men mostly wear kurta pyjamas, indo western short kurtis and long, loose-fitting kurtas for daily wear. These are usually made of comfortable and affordable materials like jute, khadi, cotton, cotton silk and so on. In formal wear, the premier Indian clothing for men is the sherwani. Though some varieties of the kurta pyjama, such as those made of silk with embroidered designs, can be worn for weddings and special occasions, the most popular and stylish option is sherwani. This regal and gorgeous garment often comes with heavy embellishments, embroidered designs and an imposing silhouette. Both kurtas and sherwanis are upper wear garments that can be paired up with churidars as well as dhotis. A dhoti is very distinctive type of Indian clothing that is worn as a traditional bottom wear outfit in different parts of the country. Dhotis, sherwanis and kurtas are the three most popular Indian wedding dresses for men.


When it comes to Indian clothing, the range of options for women is truly dazzling. From the funky, well-fitted short kurtis with hand printed designs to the elegant and sophisticated sarees, there are many diverse choices. Online kurti shopping has become a huge trend in India as the younger generation that is familiar with internet technology simply loves the versatility and ethnic beauty of a kurti. Along with indo western tunics, kurtas and plain salwar kameez, these are the most commonly worn casual wear outfits. In the semi-formal and formal end of the scale, women can choose between ornate lehenga cholis, graceful sarees and designer salwar kameez, to name just a few. Even within these broad categories there are many options. There are as many unique varieties of regional, hand woven sarees as there are modern, designer ones. Similarly, salwar kameez are available in the stylish anarkali silhouette as well as the simple straight cut. The fabrics, designs, patterns and embellishments can also vary. From colorful, silk thread embroidery done on woven silk fabrics to exquisite beaded patterns on velvet fabrics, from kaleidoscopic ikkat fabrics to plain chiffon textiles, Indian clothing is a treasure trove of different materials and looks.

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