What is the “art” of overspending? Sounds familiar? Maybe it is because this has been a phenomenon now-a-days. A common problem that everyone seems to be having and experiencing. Why is it always a fight when money is involved? This is the reason why most people now are in debt of all sorts. If not, some are in fatal financial problems because of overspending.

Whether the overspending is on furniture, clothes, jewelries, things, and whatever luxury one may have. This is spending not because you have to, but because you want to. These two are miles apart when it comes to definition. People now-a-days are finding it difficult to limit their spending to the things that they need. They are also on a spending galore without thinking of tomorrow or the days to come.

And if you are on the same boat that these people are on, and you suddenly come across this article, congratulations because now is the time for you to wake up and open up your eyes about this issue. So you might be asking too, how do you avoid the “art” that has been plaguing you? Read on and learn.

Let us talk about your overspending over clothes. If you are thinking on how to choose and eventually buy clothes for you or your family, here are some suggestions on how you will not overspend. It is wise to find a dispatch shop that contains and offers clothes that possess high quality standards and their inventory usually meet all the brand’s requirements and specifications. When clothes come from a past batch, they normally cost less when with the retailers. But do not forget to check on the fabric too. Another smart move is to buy clothes when it is not the season for buying to. However, choose those that will never be out of style, so that you can still wear it for a long time.

Next thing will your credit card. This card is indeed one of the reasons why people often go into very serious financial state or worse, bankrupt, these days. Credit cards’ convenience can be taken as both a curse and a blessing to the holder. It can be a blessing for those who do not like carrying cash with them. But then a new plethora of troubles and problems accompany this thing. Credit cards are great means of overspending. There is certainly no limit to your spending when you have this card. You can purchase whatever it is you want, whenever or wherever you want it too. So, remember this, if you already have a card with you, your option is not to take it with when you are shopping or making grocery. Leave it behind. Credit cards should be for emergency uses only. Especially more so when you are the person who buys on impulse and whim.

Next suggestion is to definitely avoid going along the holiday hype flow. Although, I must admit that this is easier said than done. Particularly so when malls and entrepreneurs are offering tempting sales and freebies when you buy this and that from them. So, this makes it hard to overspend during the holidays. In fact, research will even prove that people tend to buy more and overspend more, for that matter, during the holiday seasons since they were thinking that they could actually get items on lower prices when sometimes this may not be true at all. So, what can we do? Firstly, look at the calendar nearest you now. Then think of this, how many holidays are legal on the calendar? There are 5 internationally legal holidays in our calendar. Now my question is, are you intent on spending 2 times more than you normally do for only five days a year when you have all the time in the world within the year? I think your common sense will answer that for you.

And finally, learn to discipline nobody but yourself. Yes, no one will be able to control how you spend except yourself. Discipline that self within you. Talk to yourself and scold him. Remind yourself not to overspend when you are out on groceries or shopping sprees. Tell yourself that it is so hard to earn money, so why make it easy to spend?

These suggestions are only some that you will easily follow when you are serious in your attempt to change your ways. There are still more that you can do. Just be sure that you will be consistent in doing them. Any change should start from within us.

Source by Hal Johnson

By mike