Many continue to ask, what is a Stud? I’m my opinion a Stud is a complimentary term used loosely to describe a group of sexy, empowered, confident, strong women. Ultimately a force of nature! A stud is proud, fierce and passionate about all of her convictions. She is determined, ambitious, motivated, and not to be silenced! A stud is an aggressive, intelligent spiritual woman who is a masculine lesbian! A stud is a woman who defines strength, not allowing or affirming anyone else’s definition. She defines her! She is the epitome! A stud is the ultimate choice, the cream of the crop, and definitely the pick of the litter!

Studs are passionate, and loving. They are compassionate and nurturing. Many studs want long term relationships, and marriage. There are even studs that want to have and raise children! I believe studs make great parents, because they have a spectrum of talents, education, and spirituality. Studs present themselves with a high sense of pride, exuding natural beauty that no cosmetic can provide.

Many studs are spiritual, embracing spiritual practices instead of organized religion. Many studs have adopted teachings from non-denominational churches, also metaphysics, and even Buddhism! As far as the Biblical Scripture, studs have taken the stance that ancient text and condemnation do not reflect our positive loving lifestyles.

A stud would never wear frilly, floral or polka dot clothing! A stud would never wear ruffles; polish her nails bright goofy colors, or wear a push up bra. A stud would never wear panty hose, stilettos, wear full make-up, or big gaudy jewelry. A stud would never wear sexy feminine lingerie. Studs would never wear flowers in their hair, or super tight clothing!

Some common names for stud women are butch, dom, boi, aggressive, drag king, stone butch, top and the list goes on. All studs are different. Some studs are stone-butch, who do not identify with anything female or feminine. There are also women considered soft-studs who may have an androgynous look or personality. There are studs who are athletes, some have a hip hop look, and others wear tailored Armani suits and Stacy Adams. Many studs are bikers adorned with leather chaps and a skull cap, whereas others have a country western look!

When I was younger, I felt awkward and misunderstood. I looked like a boy! As adolescence disappeared, I noticed my style of dress intimidated and incited straight people. It made them uncomfortable. I didn’t have a problem with my appearance, but everyone else did! As I grew into stud hood, images of what was considered proper continually flooded my consciousness. Everywhere I turned, the church, the television and in every magazine, feminine women were more accepted. The package I presented was not ideal. My aunt would say, “A proper lady is supposed to look like this, sit and smile like this. A respectful woman must walk like this, act this way, and talk like this”! I had absolutely no interest in being a proper lady! I just wanted to go shoot basketball, and update my Hot Wheels collection!

What studs represent challenges peoples ideals, morals and their perception of God and Biblical scripture. What we represented crosses people’s boundaries. We make people think.

Many ask why are studs so masculine, why you so hard? Well, historically studs/masculine women have systematically been discriminated against exiled from society and even murdered. Back in the 1950’s a masculine woman had to be hard for many reasons. First and foremost she had to defend herself against the many horrors of being masculine in an early American society. Masculine women provided for themselves, not depending on anyone for their sustenance or survival. In essence they did the same manual labor as their male peers.

I believe studs appear masculine to the outside world because the world cannot relate. Studs feel a certain sense of strength and pride in expressing their true nature. Often studs are criticized by society for trying to look like a man. The fact is, studs do want to look like men. Studs want to be comfortable. They want to look the way they feel emotionally or spiritually.

A stud’s masculinity is a broad spectrum. Did you know many female Olympic athletes have been disqualified for not being genetically female? My dear friend Marie is phenotypically female, but genetically male! Not only is Marie hormonally and chemically male, she has male attributes! According to Marie’s doctors, Marie was born with the natural overproduction of the male hormone testosterone. She has minimal to no production of female hormones. So I ask, are studs wrongfully discriminated against because they may have more male chromosomes or born with an over production of testosterone?

In western society every birth is expected to be conceived with XY or XX chromosomes. Typically those with XY or XX chromosomes will grow up to be a man or a woman. They have external and internal organs that are clearly distinguishable. Therefore those persons who are born XY or XX will be naturally attracted to the opposite sex. Often this is not he case when a female infant is born with male chromosomes and hormones!

Another fact is that hormones trigger nature or aggression. Genetically many female infants are exposed to the male androgen (sex hormone) called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia or CAH. Female infants exposed to the male hormone grow up looking and acting like boys. Initially these children are called tomboys because they exhibit a rough or masculine nature. They are athletic, muscular, mannish, and much more aggressive than females born without the male hormone. Instead of being attracted to feminine gendered toys, clothes, or activities they are quite the opposite. The male androgen influences their likes, dislikes, and orientation. Many studs/ lesbians grow facial hair and their voice deepens during adolescent! Ultimately all of their behaviors are control by this hormone! Some of these traits are all stud/butch characteristics.

The best way to understand the magnitude of this information is that sex and gender are two different things. They have nothing to do with sexual deviance. Studs/ lesbians are not trying to be men!

Of course the conservatives want this scientific information to remain hidden so that we can remain permanent targets for biased laws, violence and discrimination.

Again, I think it is ridicules to discriminate against any person. Throughout history the Bible is used to discriminate against gay people. The fact is, the books of the Bible were written in a pre-scientific age. The authors of the numerous books were not aware of sexual minorities, chromosomes, DNA, or women that produce testosterone. They did not have the technology to determine the actual facts about the other sexes and the chromosome variations in which we are born.

Like society, our community is extremely diverse; there are many types of studs from numerous backgrounds, from every culture and religion. Some cultures embrace women who are lesbian, most do not. Many cultures like our own have been taught to oppress anything that is different or they do not understand.

One of the biggest problems in the gay and lesbian community is homophobia. Homophobia is born from Biblical and religious ignorance that fuels the pain that studs fight on a daily basis. This virus causes the lack of visibility, the feeling of being powerless and negative media stereotypes. Because of this ignorance it is believed that all studs hate men! Studs want to be or imitate a man. Studs think they are men, therefore have a mental illness! Studs are the abomination! It’s believed that all studs abusers, womanizers, and that they carry disease! All of these myths grew from fear, ignorance and Biblical intolerance.

The solution to eliminating these negatives is to provide people with positive information that reflects our image, our politics, struggles and triumphs.

The one-sided biased laws of this land, and all that govern it, have only quenched and strengthened STUD our spirits!

Of course the church, the school, the medical center, Uncle Leroy, and Grandma requires any masculine woman to be feminine and visually pleasing in their eyes. We are expected to be soft, passive, demure, and aesthetically pleasing to everyone outside ourselves. But that is not our reality. I refused to ignore my true self. I’ve been labeled all sorts of things like dyke and bull dagger. Through all of that, I embraced my diversity and my differences from others. I have a clear understanding and acceptance of who I am and who we are.

My prayer is that masculine women will start a revolution, a massive movement toward mainstream visibility! Masculine women’s visibility and the passion behind it are long overdue!

Stud women are a force with unlimited potential and power. I feel it is imperative to dispel the stereotypes, and the myths. We must empower ourselves no longer allowing anyone or thought process to control us. All women struggle for acceptance, love, and self-affirmation, but for us it’s different. We are different.

This country is ALWAYS talking about community and unity. It doesn’t matter if the person is a hard core stud with fifty tattoos, hip hop gear, or a shinny new chopper. We are a strong and confident nation. It’s time that we rise up and embrace who we are beneath the surface.

What the world must know is that God/ Spirit has never created anything outside of itself! Never. Everything that we can see and touch came from one source! God does not judge, hate or kill. God is not homophobic, discriminative or sexist. God would never use a spiritual text to marginalize his own creation. God does not love with conditions, nor is God compartmentalized.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”
Dr. Martin Luther King

Source by Azaan Kamau

By mike