Phero X: Does it Really Work?

It seems like many companies are jumping on the pheromones band wagon and are producing products that they claim to attract members of the opposite sex. While there is scientific proof that pheromones do exist and actually do work, it doesn’t prove that these products work. Most of these products are judged based upon cost, smell, effectiveness, ingredients and duration. Quite obviously many of these colognes and perfumes perform differently on different people. Unfortunately, the same appears to hold true for Phero X.

Phero X is a new entry in the competitive pheromone market. Due to the competitiveness of the market, it was probably a good move on the manufacturers’ part to come up with a product that is a little different. Phero X is different on a couple of levels. Whether or not these changes have helped to make this product even more effective than other pheromone products is hard to tell.


The ingredients in Phero X have a twist. Amazingly, this pheromone product doesn’t have any pheromones. How is this possible? According to the makers of this product, Phero X has other ingredients such as Niacin, Vitamin E and castor oil. Supposedly, these items when combined with the other ingredients that are in the product will help you to produce your own natural pheromones.

Instead of the makers putting synthetic pheromones into this product, they are making it possible for your body to make its own. How nice of them. As a result of this product not having any synthetic pheromones that would have been created for either a male or female, Phero X is unisex. Each individual creates his or her own pheromones, so this product was created for both males and females.


In terms of differences, Phero X also has a new application method. You don’t have to spray the cologne on your body or dab any particular amount on your skin to work. Instead you put a few drops of the product under your tongue.

The company claims that you will know that the product is working because you will start to feel a hot and tingling feeling about 10-15 minutes after you take the product.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Phero X did not have any effect on attracting the opposite sex when I tested it. For $49 you are getting a product that doesn’t have any pheromones. Instead you are basically getting a bottle of liquefied vitamins.

Source by Adam Quilt

By mike