Walking around and listening to the women of this city it is very evident that being gay in the south is no easy task. In fact most women here do not even tell their families it seems. Often ladies share that it would hurt them if there family knew they were gay, and if they are aware it is not something that is discussed openly. There are many countries, cities, and towns on our little blue planet where we can live as proud lesbian women. We can be respected for our rights and choices as human beings.

Progress is slow, however, what are my fellow lesbians doing to break down barriers and educate are neighbors? Are we all working together to change this beautiful city into a rainbow friendly town or conforming to fears and insecurities? What are the messages we are sending to our coming out girls? Are we being responsible with the way we are paving the road for our future gay women? Are we promoting and encouraging gay businesses, artist, and professionals?

Lesbians around Columbia should be screaming their gay pride and fighting for equal rights and opportunities. None of us should be fearful of losing our jobs, friends, respect, or possibilities because we happen to love the ladies (and yes there are a lot of lovely ladies in this town to love)!

How are we to build security with are partners, wives, or girlfriends if we are scared or even worst indifferent. It is hard enough to have a family, a relationship, a job, keep up with bills, or raise kids without having to live in a damn cave or closet! We are a privileged minority in terms of being able to conceal our gayness, and choose who we reveal ourselves too. That does not mean we should hide behind that fact. Fear breeds fear, meaning if you are not proud of whom you are, how can your children be proud of the beautifully different family they belong too. It is the differences that make us unique not our similarities; therefore the lesson should be to embrace our uniqueness, not to run away from it!

We have Equality Organizations; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Centers; and Gay Radio stations amongst others that represent the LGBT community but they need support to spread the word and do their job. If you want things to change (and fair enough if you are happy as is!) you have to ask for what you want, need, and wish for!

I am a proud lesbian mother residing in the beautiful city of Columbia, rise up and roar with me!

Alex Karydi~The Lesbian Guru

Source by Alex Karydi

By mike