Over the past several years, the market has been flooded with guitar software programs. While some of these programs are decent, many fall short with promises of teaching a person to play guitar. One of the most popular software programs is called Jamorama. According to the website, this particular program has guided many people to success of playing guitar.

While it certainly is affordably priced, many of my students wonder if Jamorama really lives up to its hype. This is why I decided to compile a summary of each Jamorama review I read, showing both positives and negatives.

Ben Edwards, a talented and reputable guitar teacher and guitarist who toured the international circuit, has taken his years of experience and powerful ability to create a program that would help teach people of all ages how to play guitar. In doing in-depth research through one Jamorama review after another, we found that as much as 97% of guitarists found learning to play was not quite as easy as they thought. The primary challenge has to do with the old way of learning, which is time-consuming and often boring.

In this Jamorama review article, we wanted to share some thoughts, both good and bad, coming directly from individuals who have purchased and tried the program.

Jamorama Review Pros:

Most reviews for this guitar software program were pretty good. The following are some of the most common “pro” responses seen:

* Complete Package – In our Jamorama review of the pros, we have found that people love the complete package. In other words, Jamorama comes with over 100 video lessons and systematic instruction on TAB, sight-reading, chord identification, and much more.

* Fun – With any type of learning, students need to have fun. As mentioned, many of the old methods for teaching guitar are boring, which means people lose interest. However, almost every Jamorama review showed that this software program has eliminated boredom and replaced it with fresh learning methods.

* Online Material – With Jamorama, you use the internet to learn to play guitar. This collection includes downloadable e-books, as well as video/audio files and games. This is said to be an easier way of learning, because you go at your own pace.

* Quick Learning – Every Jamorama review we read stated that learning to play guitar needs to not only be fun but also quick. Again, the main problem with older methods of teaching was that it took so long for a person to see results. Most reviews stated that learning with Jamorama definitely cut out some of the learning curve in teaching yourself guitar.

Jamorama Review Cons:

The majority of information we found on Jamorama found was positive. However, we did find a couple of downfalls to this program:

* Advanced Learning – In a few reviews for Jamorama, buyers agreed that the material for beginners was entertaining, amusing, and useful. However, these individuals also felt the advanced portion of the program did not offer enough or a high enough caliber of features. It seems that Jamorama is best suited for beginners, not intermediate players.

* Animation – In this case, we saw a few comments specific to the lack of animation for the fret board. In fact, one particular Jamorama review stated the animation for feedback on performance, repetition looping, and music tracking lacked pizzazz. This might not be very important for most people, but it seemed to be a common complaint.

As you can see, each Jamorama review we read was positive for the most part. Of course, there are always some negatives inherent to any product, and Jamorama is no exception.

Source by Nick Siegal

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