Your sexual preference is your own business, but if you do not want to hide it, there are many ways to show it to others. Pronouncing oneself as lesbian or gay is a bold step. So, many individuals want to reflect it through a gay or lesbian tattoo. It’s considered to be a symbol of domination if such a tattoo is created on the left upper arm. It also reflects a go-getter attitude and symbolizes your feelings for your partner. The same tattoo on the upper right arm can show your submissive nature. Lesbians generally wear one of these tattoos on any part of their body.

Gay-lesbian tattoo designs

These tattoo designs are reflective of the community’s pride. A professional tattoo designer can suggest to you a variety of designs based on your preferences and the message you wish to send across with your tattoo design. Some of the common gay-lesbian tattoo designs are the following:

  • Multicolored stars: This is representative of pride, and depicts a colorful display of heavenly bodies. This is symbolic of a gay or lesbian coming out of the closet and shows their happiness in expressing themselves.
  • Gender symbols: The entwined gender symbols are also often tattooed on the bodies. They can also get their preferences and identities depicted through a male-male or a female-female tattoo.
  • Rainbows: For some, their journey involves many ups and downs. Through a rainbow tattoo, they can show their success after overcoming all kinds of hurdles and stormy episodes in their lives.
  • Butterflies: This design is also very popular among individuals. These types of tattoo reflect their transformation into colorful creatures. The transformation may also be reflective of their passage from one gender to another, or from one type of individual to a totally different one.
  • Hearts: Lesbian individuals may also reflect their feelings in the form of hearts that are creatively tattooed on their bodies.
  • Rainbow flags: The original design of a rainbow flag involved eight different colors that represented various emotions, such as pink for sex; red for life; orange was for healing; yellow represented the sun; green was used for nature; turquoise reflected art; indigo was for harmony; and violet color was to symbolized the spirit. Later, some changes were introduced in this tattoo and now a tattoo with six colors represents gay pride.

Most of the designs in such tattoos involve simplicity. They are ordinary but beautifully created in ink. The designs can be customized if an individual wishes to be bold and in their depiction of their sexual preferences in the form of tattoos.

Where to place these tattoos

The back and arms are the favorite places where individuals get tattoos. However, it does not mean that you cannot get such tattoos inked on other parts of the body.

The best way to break away from the traditional tattoo is to get it customized by a tattoo designer. Don’t forget to throw in your ideas as well.

Source by Kristen Dunn

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