The Gay Side Effects of Gaga’s Chromatica starring @_lovecarlos @willmeredith @elliotmarach @mattycake89 and lips by the LEGENDARY @sarahhamaty (@crest get at her for a commercial!!)
We honor and celebrate Pride today with possibly the gayest video we have ever created. The Homo Sapien Experience has always been a platform that celebrates queer life, and the reason it is even allowed to exist is thanks to the brave queer souls who came before us and fought relentlessly for our visibility and recognition. So to thank these individuals, particularly black trans women and men, we ask you to join us in donating to the Black Trans Travel Fund link here: an organization that “pays for private car rides for Black trans women in NY &NJ so they can access self-determined safer transportation options.” Happy pride to all and everyone who is celebrating. ❤️💜🧡💛💚💙