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► Paul Angelo is a gay matchmaker and a relationship coach working exclusively with gay professional men over 40 who are ready for a serious relationship and marriage. By 2017, Paul has spent over 8,000 hours coaching and guiding his clients in the areas of gay dating and relationships.

With over 60 video testimonials and over 550 publicly available videos about gay psychology, Paul is the world’s leader in gay education about the psychology of romantic relationships and gay sexuality. Paul is the creator of multiple video-based coaching programs about gay compatibility, gay psychology and gay sexuality: Gay Compatibility Formula, Sex On Rocks, Gay Life Mastery.

Paul’s contribution to the world of gay psychology includes the development of a brand new gay philosophy and a brand-new framework for gay sexuality that simplifies dating, creates commitment and monogamy.

Paul is the creator of a popular and high-end matchmaking program called: Big Gay Family that changes the way gay men meet and creates relationships that start with emotional connection instead of sexual. All men are welcome to join Big Gay Family and experience a paradigm shift in personal friendships and relationships.

► Video Summary:

Identity crisis can be a challenge for gay men who are seeking deeper connections in dating. The idea is simple – “become the kind of person who behaves in such a way that the result you want produces itself”. Another way of saying it is: “shape your identity so that your behaviors lead you to the result of having commited gay relationships.” Let’s discuss the most common obstacles related to identity that prevent gay men from succeeding in relationships, money and health.