I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go back and think about this particular time in my life or to actually talk about it out loud. (This is cheesy) But reading your emails, letters and messages has really inspired me to put myself out there and share my story… that hopefully some of you can relate to. At least in some way.

It was hard to film this video, not because I’m worried about what anyone else will think, but because I truly haven’t thought about these things in a long, long, long time. And I’ve never talked about it out loud. At least not in this kind of detail. So… thanks for being my therapists I guess???

There’s a lot more to my whole “coming out” process that I’m totally down to put out there and talk to you about. I’ll get the second half of this part (coming out to myself) up ASAP and then eventually get to how I came out to the rest of the people in my life.

I’m really happy I did this, because going back there makes me feel even more connected to all of your stories that you share with us every day.

Fuck, this gay stuff can be hard, but it is totally going to be worth it.



(PS Steph and I will both be in the live chat, chatting away!! No idea how this is going to work, but wooh! Why not give it a try?)

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