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vaporizer chambervaporizer chamber

Vaporizer mouthpieceVaporizer mouthpiece Rotating Mouthpiece

The tastefully crafted ceramic rotating replaceable mouthpiece allows you to tuck it away keeping your vaporizer looking slick whilst maintaining a top level of hygiene.

Top Tip:

The isolated airflow path can be cleared by removing the mouthpiece and chamber lid and then flossing the metal rod through the isolated airflow path.

A Healthy Way of Enjoying & Utilising Nature’s Elixirs in their Purest Form

The upgraded ceramic heating chamber has been engineered to self-regulate the temperature in the chamber, ensuring precise control over the extraction of your herbal constituents and can bake around 0.3-0.7g of herbs at any one time. The large battery on this device means that you should be expecting around 80-120 minutes of use from each charge, easily giving you around 8 sessions per charge.


The Nectar v2 comes with a full pack of accessories to get you going from the very get go:

5x Pipe Cleaners 1x Cleaning Pick 3x Oven Spacers 1x Cleaning Brush 1x User Manual

Dry herb vaporizer qualityDry herb vaporizer quality

Dry herb vaporizer Dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizer reliabilityDry herb vaporizer reliability

Dry Herb


Battery Capacity (mah)
2600 2900 3500

Replaceable Battery

Ceramic Chamber

Airflow (CFM x10^-3)
5.4 7.6 18.4

Isolated Airflow

Max Temp (°C)
225 240 240

Temp Precision (°C)
5 1 1

Heat-up Time (to 140C)
30s 15s 12s

★ 【AFFORDABLE PREMIUM VAPORIZER】:The Nectar v2 is an entry dry herb vaporizer providing all the essentials a premium vaporizer does (built without plastic parts and has an isolated airflow) but for a price that competes with low budget vaporizers.
★ 【ISOLATED AIRFLOW】: This dry herb vape utilises isolated airflow meaning it pulls in fresh air completely isolated from the battery and other electrical components hence avoiding the intake of any potential toxics and allowing for improved flavour.
★ 【PREMIUM MATERIALS】: Dry herb vaporizers heat to over 200C, so materials used should withstand these extreme temperatures. The Nectar v2 is an aluminium made vaporizer with a food grade non-stick ceramic heating chamber.
★ 【2 YEAR WARRANTY & LIFETIME SUPPORT】: We have so much confidence in our products we offer a 2 year no-hassle warranty with all devices. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee & 24/7 lifetime customer care across multiple channels. Nicotine Free.

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