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This video is about Men’s Hair care Routine in Winter Season. You can also use these tips in summer as well if your hair gets dry, dull or frizzy. The reason why Men’s Hair gets dull, dry and frizzy is because of lack of nourishment and moisturization. It can also occur due over exposure to heat or sun. In this video we learn from Asif Ismail who is the founder of Awesome Men Amazing Style and is an expert at Men’s Fashion Men’s Style, Men’s Grooming, Men’s Hair, Self Development, Self Growth and Relationship and Dating Advices How to treat Dull, Dry and Frizzy hair. He explains the different tips in detail giving us an amazing Men’s Hair Care Routine. A synopsis of the step by step process is as below:

1. Hair Cut – remove the split ends. every 2 to 3 weeks
2.Oil your hair twice every week
3. Shampoo twice a week
4. Condition your hair every single day
5. Use hair mask twice a week
6. Use organ oil after shower
7. Avoid Hot blow dry instead use cold blow dry
8. Avoid Hot shower
9. Avoid Hair Products as much as possible
10. Protein treatment

Men’s Hair care Tips (Bonus)

1. Drink a lot of water keep yourself hydrated
2. Protein and Biotin Rich Diet (some examples)
a. Palak
b. Berries
c. Beans
d. Flax Seeds
e. Nuts
f. Avocado
g. Sweet Potato
h. Soya Bean
I. Eggds
j. Meat

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The video was edited by Asif Ismail
It was shot on SONY gadgets by Mayur Sharma
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