In the MonGraffito Art Book Series, one catalogue I managed to purchase with great joy. Patrick Angus speaks of a worls and culture that doesn’t often reach the heteronormative world. I don’t in principle care about that, only that still, lots of people think gays are those depraved people, obsessed with sex (yes we are) who all they do is produce porn and fill twitter with their sexting.
It still comes as shock to many that da Vinci had a lover, Salai, who accompanied him all his life, who inherited from Leonardo some of his works, including the Mona Lisa.
But when you paint churches and the Sistine Chapel, you may be gay, if in the closet. When you paint your life nooo, don’t expose our children to those abominations! Yes, it still happens, a lot. Education is not a priority for many governments. Training robots is. Art breaks those chains, that’s why some art is considered dangerous.