LGBT people are at a significantly higher risk of eating disorders, with over 50% of young LGBT+ people having being diagnosed with an eating disorder.

In this documentary, PinkNews asks why #EatingDisorders are so prevalent among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. We speak to #LGBT YouTubers about what it is like living with an eating disorder, and look at the possible solutions to reducing the rates of eating disorders. Read more:

Thank you to all the LGBT+ activists who appeared in the documentary, including:
– Bisexual YouTuber Melanie Murphy: 05:05
– Transgender YouTuber Kovu Kingsrod: 05:10
– Bisexual YouTuber Kate Flowers: 00:29
– Bisexual YouTuber Alayna Joy reads out the diary entry of a bisexual fan: 00:11 (See:
– Transgender YouTuber Aaron Ansuini: 00:09
– Gay YouTuber Jazza John: 06:58
– Lesbian singer This Is Iona: 05:32
– Bisexual activist Ballari Conner: 05:26
– Asexual YouTuber Ellie Berry: 00:18
– Transgender YouTuber Ashton Daniel: 00:24
– Psychotherapist Michael McLinn: 02:32
– Beat charity representative Tom Quinn: 02:45

If you think you or someone you know has an eating disorder, you can contact the following services for help in the UK and Republic of Ireland:

National centre for Eating Disorders
ABC – Anorexia & #Bulimia Care
Overeaters Anonymous Great Britain
SEED – Eating Disorders Support Services
North East Eating Disorders Support (NEEDS) Scotland
Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorder Association
First Steps
Eating Disorders Association Northern Ireland

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