It has been a couple of weeks or months since anyone asked you out for a date. When you walk down the street, no one seems to notice you. At work, other ladies or men seem to be attracting attention from the opposite sex but it’s like you are invisible. Is there something wrong with you? Do you find yourself alone most of the time especially on weekends and holidays? What could be the reason for this? Definitely, if you have not been showered with some attention lately from the opposite sex, something has to be wrong. Here are things you should check out first.

Are You Uninviting?

If your facial expression always reads ‘Don’t talk to me’, no one will want to come near you. People are attracted to smiling and inviting faces. Walk around with a smile on your face, say hi to people around you and take notice of those people you ignore as you go on with your busy daily routine. Life is all about giving and the more you give, the more you will receive. If you smile and chat with people, they too will feel comfortable around you. We all want to be around people who makes as feel comfortable and happy.

Do You Take Care of Yourself?

I don’t mean taking a shower every now and then although this too counts but what you wear, the time input on your body and glooming will determine a lot if you are going to be on a date soon. We all love beautiful and attractive things, people included. Being clean is not enough. Make sure you put on the right clothes that match your body type and complexion. It is also good to exercise regularly and eat right. This will not only keep you healthy but it will boost your self esteem. You do not have to go for expensive outfits but as long as you wear well fitting clothes that are well taken care of, you are sure going to attract some attention.

Do Not Be Too Demanding

Might the reason why you are still single be that your expectations are too high, that you have a long list of what to expect from the opposite sex? It is impossible to meet a person who will be a hundred percent what you are looking for. The general rule is, if you find most of the qualities you are looking for in the person, hold them tight. Remember that you too are not perfect.

You Do Not Socialize

If you are always on your couch watching the latest movies, how do you expect to find people who are interested in you? Get out of your house and meet people. Attend functions, friends and colleagues parties and visit friends. You are guaranteed to find people who may be interested in you. We always meet new friends through our existing ones. At a function, mingle and make new friends. Do not be afraid of starting a new conversation with a stranger after all, all friends were strangers at one point.

Source by Angela Mwema

By mike