You might not know this, but natural penis enlargement exercises can be personalized to address any particular areas of concern that a man might have. Here are 3 of the best natural penis enlargement exercises that you can try out to get a bigger and healthier penis in the long run.


Jelqing is one of the most common natural penis enlargement exercises out there and is known to be able to significantly increase the girth and length of a man’s penis in the end. Ideally, jelqing should be done once a day at five days a week for the best results.

To start, you will need some lubricant. Just add a bit of lubricant onto your penis and work it until you reach a semi-erection. After that, grab your manhood with an OK sign with your forefinger and thumb and then squeeze it firmly yet gently to delay the blood flow into your penis. This should not feel uncomfortable or painful, though. If it does, relax your hold a little bit.

After that, use your other hand to grab your manhood in the same way and then start stroking your penis slowly to push the blood into the tip. Keep doing this for around five minutes while having a semi-erection. If your erection gets full at any point, stop doing the exercise until your erection dies down. If your erection vanishes, on the other hand, stimulate yourself until you get a semi-erection again.

Flaccid Penis Stretch

Generally speaking, the penis starts inside the man’s body since ligaments from the pubic bone suspend it. In other words, half of the penis is actually inside the body. If you can manipulate these ligaments in a natural manner, you can therefore lengthen your manhood with ease.

Before starting, keep in mind that this exercise shouldn’t hurt in any way. If you feel any pain, then you might be doing the exercise too hard. Take things slow and gently and remember to always aim to stretch instead of aiming to tear or yank.

To start, hold the base of your penis while it is flaccid. After that, then gently pull your penis straight out to stretch it. Hold the stretch for around 15 seconds and then release it and rest for 15 more seconds. Do 3 repetitions of this exercise 3 times a day at five days a week for the best results.

Erect Penis Stretch

As with the Flaccid Penis Stretch, the Erect Penis Stretch shouldn’t be painful, either. So, take things slow and gently and remember to always aim to stretch instead of aiming to tear or pull.

To start this particular exercise, get a full erection first. Then, gently pull your penis to the right side for 5 seconds until you get a comfortable stretch. Do this again on the left side for another 5 seconds and then do it again to the front for another 5 seconds. Rest for about half a minute and then do 3 repetitions on each side once a day at five days a week.

These 3 natural penis enlargement exercises are made to help men reach their goals in terms of penis enlargement. While it would be important to increase the blood flow into the penis when it comes to this, it would also be important not to reach the point of ejaculation in the end. In fact, ejaculation and masturbation should be completely avoided up to 2 hours before doing any of the aforementioned natural penis enlargement exercises. If you do ejaculate while doing these natural penis enlargement exercises, though, you can try to offset the blood flow problem by taking natural herbal supplements afterwards.

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