Rough sex, tight underwear, harsh spermicides: Any or all of these things could give a guy a sore penis. And without the right kind of penis care, this is a problem that could stick around for weeks or even months. Walking around, sitting down, running or riding a bike may be painful, and intimate acts could be even more excruciating. That could put a damper on a guy’s sex life and, with it, his overall happiness.

Here are 4 reasons Shea butter might be a solution to sore penis problems.

1) It’s packed with vitamins.

Sore penis problems are often caused be traumatic injuries on the surface of the skin. Those damaged cells need the right mix of vitamins and minerals in order to knit back together. Specifically, they benefit from vitamins A and E.

A man could simply eat foods that are loaded with these vitamins, but Shea butter also contains a great deal of these vital nutrients. And applying Shea butter topically means putting the healing ingredients right where they’re needed, bypassing the slow digestive system altogether. It’s a faster, more efficient way to give damaged cells the help they really need.

2) It softens cracked, dry skin.

When penile skin has been damaged, it often looks a lot like a desert landscape. The surface of the skin is cracked, and there’s no moisture anywhere in sight.

Thick, dry skin like this can work like a crust, blocking pleasurable sensations that a healthy penis is capable of feeling. This layer of hardened tissue forms over healthy, sensitive skin and can be difficult to get rid of.

Shea butter can soften and smooth this damaged layer of skin, so it’ll flake away and reveal the healthier cells that lie beneath. It’s a gradual process, so a man might not notice the difference right away, but after several applications, he might notice that his skin looks brighter, smoother and healthier overall.

3) It prevents future irritation.

Shea butter can work wonders for skin that’s already irritated. But it can also keep skin nourished, hydrated and oiled. That’s good news, because skin like this is less likely to develop spots of dryness and soreness in the future. It’s a bit like a vaccination against future problems associated with dryness, and everyone knows that prevention is the best medicine.

4) It’s natural, so it absorbs into skin quickly.

There are a number of different products that could, in theory, help sore penis skin to heal, including those that contain:

– Petroleum jelly

– Wax

– Propylene glycol

– Copolymers

All these ingredients are synthetic, and sometimes, that means they don’t absorb well into the skin. Instead, they sit on the surface until they’re washed away. They don’t do very much good if they simply wash down the drain instead of incorporating with the skin.

Shea butter is different. This is a natural product that comes from plants, not an ingredient that’s made in laboratories. Since it is natural, it tends to sink into the skin with ease, and, unlike some synthetic ingredients, it is gentle on the skin, with no adverse side effects.

Great Shea Butter Options

Men with sore penis concerns should consider a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Quality products contain the Shea butter a man needs in order to heal his sore member; plus, they are infused with the vitamins and minerals damaged skin needs in order to knit back together and deliver pleasurable sensations. A daily application of a quality product is all a man needs in order to make his sore penis concerns go away, and stay away, for good.

Source by John Dugan

By mike