Men often think about their penis health, and make a point of practicing excellent penis care along the way. When it comes to male fertility, it rarely crosses a man’s mind until the time comes to put that fertility to good use. It’s important to start right now, however, in ensuring male fertility and penis health are top-notch – so that when the time comes to try to get a partner pregnant, he will be ready.

Male fertility and penis health can be improved through the following steps:

1. Stop with the vices. Men who smoke or use tobacco products should stop in order to ensure the best health of their sperm. The same is true of men who engage in drug use or imbibe too much alcohol, as either of these habits can lead to serious problems with sperm and male fertility. If a guy needs help with kicking these habits, it’s time to get it now, before he chooses to father a child.

2. Talk to the doctor. A man should speak to his doctor about not only his vices, but about his prescription medications as well, to ensure that none of them could lead to a problem with fertility and penis health. Those who are truly struggling with fertility might also turn to their doctor for medications that might boost sperm production or otherwise help in that area.

3. Drop the weight and exercise more. A man who has a spare tire might find that his fertility has dropped dramatically. The same is true for his penis health, as a man who is overweight might not have as satisfying of a sex life than one who is fit. By dropping extra weight and making a point to exercise more, a man improves his fertility, helps his heart, and might even wind up having much better sex in the long run.

4. Wear underwear that allows the boys to breathe. Testicles play the key role in sperm production, and that means they need to be kept at the proper temperature. Wearing tighty-whiteys can keep them too warm, while going commando can actually keep them too cool. Improve male fertility by wearing comfortable boxers that allow the boys to breathe but still keep things contained.

5. Get the best veggies. We’ve talked about dropping the weight, but what about eating right? What goes into the body can have a significant effect on male fertility and penis health. Look for foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins, such as blueberries, leafy greens, peppers and oranges, among other foods that fall into the same families.

6. Have regular sex. In order to get the most out of penis health, a man should make a point of ejaculating regularly, whether with a partner or by himself. However, sex with a partner can be more advantageous, as it boosts certain hormones that might not be in abundance during masturbation. Even better, those men who are eager to get their partner pregnant often find the more sex they have, the better the odds.

No matter what else a man does to ensure the best penis health and male fertility, he should never take day-to-day care for granted. The use of a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is a great option for preserving penis health throughout a man’s life. Filled with vitamins and nutrients that keep the penis skin in the best shape possible, the use of the crème on a daily basis can ensure supple, smooth skin. An added boost of hydration provided by Shea butter and vitamin E can go even further in helping a man maintain a touchable, handsome penis – one that a partner will be more than happy to welcome when the time is right.

Source by John Dugan

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