People who have good sense of humor could definitely attract girls so easily. But if you are going to date a Chinese girl, having a good sense of humor is just not enough to win her heart. Read these tips to find out how to attract Chinese women so easily.

Dress Well and Groom Up

Most women love it when guys would exert an effort to dress-up and groom themselves. This applies to Chinese females, too, although older ones that are aged 40 and up do not care much about the way a guy would dress-up, but most young and attractive Chinese girls would prefer a boy who knows how to carry himself well. There are cultural reasons behind this, which is also applicable to other Asian females.

Avoid Common Mistakes of Being Too Funny

It is definitely okay to display some good sense of humor in front of the Chinese girl you are dating, but make sure not to be too goofy or too dorky because they find this unappealing. Too much cockiness would send an impression to the girl that you are being arrogant or insecure, or worse, you could look dumb in front of her. In order to exude a good impression in front of a Chinese girl, always talk with sense and choose your jokes well.

Give Her Compliments

Just like with most girls, Chinese females love it when boys compliment them about their looks and some other things about themselves. So if you want to know how to attract Chinese women, learn to compliment them from time to time, although you must avoid overdoing it and make sure that it is realistic. Some boys make the mistake of lying to girls just to compliment her, which should not be the case, because you could be in real trouble when she finds out that you are lying.

Get Rid of Your Facial Hair

A survey was once conducted wherein Chinese girls were asked about their ideal man. When it comes to physical appearance, most of them are very vocal about disliking a guy with facial hairs. So if you want your Chinese girl to be attracted to you, it’s time that you get rid of all your facial hairs and start sporting a flawless look.

When it comes to winning a Chinese girl’s heart, always bear in mind that Chinese culture is way too different from that of the Western culture. It would help if you familiarize yourself with how the Chinese culture works and make sure that you respect their beliefs and religion as well. If you really want to know how to attract Chinese women so easily, you should be able to adhere to all the tips mentioned above and do your own research about Chinese women so you would be more successful in trying to win a Chinese girl’s heart.

Source by Alan Edward Robinson

By mike