If you are reading this article, you were probably lured in by the title that mentions shrink wrapped muscles. Not everyone wants a muscular look that is bulky. Most men and women prefer a more toned and sexier physique that is more angular in nature. When muscle definition is tight as opposed to bulky, the person can flaunt his physique and not come off looking like a meat head.

If you are wondering how you get muscular and avoid a rounded and bulky look, kettle bell workouts can provide a very effective workout solution for your needs. A kettlebell looks like a canon ball with a handle attached to it. It is much more effective than a dumbbell because the center of mass is extended beyond the hand. This will mean that a person will have to work their muscles much harder to both balance and manage the weight of the kettlebell. Kettlebells come in various weights that will suit both men and women.

To begin with your kettlebell workouts, use the simple swing technique that will allow you to get used to the kettlebell. There are many different swing techniques that can be used and the whole body can be engaged by making a few adjustments to the posture. For example, you can stand up straight with your feet apart and hold a kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Now, use a swinging motion to bring the kettlebell up to your chest level and then back between your legs. Do about 10-15 repetitions. The secret to getting a tight muscle definition with kettlebell workouts is that you have to do these exercises with a high intensity level. This means very little rest in between exercises. After doing the repetitions of the exercise mentioned above, quickly change your posture by bending your legs at the knees and perform the same swinging motion. Just this slight change in posture will allow you to engage your back and hips as well.

Instead of trying traditional strength and conditioning exercises like bench press, dead lift and squats, one can have immense success with advanced kettlebell workout routines that will give them sharp and full muscles that will stay that way, even between workouts. Kettlebell workouts can be used for cardio, strength training as well as endurance training. They have also known to help strengthen joints and allow a person to improve their grip when it comes to sports like tennis or baseball.

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