Spermatorrhea is the involuntary discharge of semen. This is not a disease but a symptom in itself. The discharge takes place without an orgasm. It is a condition of excessive sperm in the male body. This is similar to the involuntary emission of semen at night, in one’s sleep which is called wet dreams or night fall. Night fall is usually associated with dreams of sexual nature.

An ejaculation is an emission of the semen from the male reproductive organ. It is usually accompanied by an orgasm. But in this case, there is no orgasm. Other discharges should not be confused with semen. Semen will have the spermatozoids which distinguish from other emissions. Spermatozoa are carried in the semen which fertilizes the egg in the female.

Spermatorrhea happens most commonly in adolescence. In this stage the hormone levels increase which increase the semen production too. The excess semen is discharged by the body. It is common in men who are not sexually active, especially in young men. Masturbation is also linked to this condition. It is said that over indulgence in the act of masturbation can lead to this. It is similar to nocturnal emission. In fact nocturnal emissions can turn into spermatorrhea. The only difference between nocturnal emissions and spermatorrhea is that this condition is not associated to dreams and not limited to night. The slightest of erection or slightest provocation can lead to a seminal leakage. It is also associated with the nervous system. It may happen while passing stool too. Spermatorrhea was considered a disease in Chinese medicine.

The causes may be psychological. The lack of knowledge causes people to go into depression once they notice the leakage. This worsens the condition. Stimulation by certain books, movies and other environmental factors are also responsible. Other causes are frequent masturbation, fatigue, excessive tiredness, inflammatory stimulation, tightness of foreskin and certain other physical factors.

The symptoms are constipation, dizziness, fatigue, depression, low concentration, back pain, memory loss, poor appetite, dull eyes and isolation. Men, who suffer from spermatorrhea, think that everyone is aware of their condition and go into depression. They isolate themselves from everybody making the situation worse. They lack sexual desire.

Some simple home remedies include intake of certain foods which help in this condition. Intake of garlic, onions and ginger are beneficial. Fruits like pineapple, plum are effective. In ayurved, ashwaganda is given to people experiencing this problem. Ashwaganda is known as a masculine herb. It is used to relieve the nervous system, tiredness and stress. It provides stamina and regulates the hormone functioning. It also increases the blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

This condition depleted the energy of the body. It is related to stress, lifestyle, food, habits and surrounding factors. It is best to avoid alcohol and other toxins. Avoid spicy food and eat a healthy diet and include fruits in your meal. Take cold baths and empty bladder before sleeping. Avoid drinking water before retiring to bed. Exercise and practice yoga. Keep mind occupied and diverted in hobbies which interest you. Listen to relaxing music and read good books. Avoid wearing tight clothes in the night.

Source by Jhon Napier

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