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1. Collage
• Medium (2 or 3-D)
• Picture
• Bulletin Board
• Book or Notebook Cover
• Scrapbook
• Photo Blanket
• Quilt
• Website (Canva, MineCraft)
• Fine motor coordination
• IRL: Scissor use, turning pages, gluing
• Virtual: Typing, mousing, photoediting
• Visual expression
• Problem solving/creativity How can I depict…
1. Collage
• Uses
• Before and After
• Layered with Goals
• Most Important
• Happiness (or other emotions)
• My Accomplishments
• Tribute/Memory
• Nature (with leaves, feathers, sticks…)

• Positive Affirmations
• Superhero (anxiety)
• Friendship
• My Happy Place

2. Sculpture
• Medium
• Clay
• Playdough or salt dough
• Paper Mache
• Pinata / Piggy Bank
• Wadded Newspaper
• Scarecrow
• Multimedia (jars, foam balls, felt, popsicle sticks, pipecleaners, paper towel tubes, plastic shopping bags, cardboard from boxes)

2. Sculpture
• Benefits
• Fine motor skills
• Creativity and problem solving
• Visual self expression
• Uses
• Superhero
• Family
• Memory
• Self-Portrait
• Emotion

3. Puppets
• Material
• Socks
• Felt finger puppets
• Pipe cleaner finger puppets
• Popsicle stick puppets
• Brown paper bag
• Toilet paper roll
• Uses
• Giving a voice (What I wish I could say)
• Addressing the anger monster
• Observation (What does the alien see)
• Angel vs. Devil
• Teach interpersonal skills (Sally is sad, what should Sammy do???)
• Team work

4. Gratitude Tree
• Medium
• On the wall
• On paper
• With sticks and tags
• Materials
• Paper cutouts
• Paint (finger, brush, pens)
• Sticks and gift tags or cardboard “leaves”
• Uses
• Remember things that are going right (depression, frustration)
• Help remembering to focus on the good (negativity)
• Gratitude in grief

5. Wind chime
• Materials
• Keys
• Buttons
• Beads
• Silverware
• Bamboo pipes
• Shells
• Chandelier crystals
• Bells
• Terracotta pots
• Feathers (and bells)
• Cookie cutters
• Decorated soda or tin cans
• Soda bottle tops (metal)
• Uses
• Grief
• Favorite things
• Happy memories
• Mindfulness

6. Stained Glass
• Materials
• Shrinkable plastic sheets or ornaments (Shrinky Dinks)
• Benefits
• Find motor skills
• Creative expression
• Uses
• Mindfulness
• Memory window or attach to LED Christmas light strand to make a garland
• Things that make me feel…
• Things that remind me of (grief)
• Things that inspire me (goals)

7. Flag
• Medium
• Solid color nylon flag ($8)
• Cut a king sheet and sew or glue edges
• Large piece of cardboard (large shipping box or appliance box). Fortify edges with colored duct tape
• Hint: Take a picture of the flag and print it out or have it added to water bottles for each person to have a miniature version
• Uses
• Identify common and complimentary attributes
• Enhance unity/group cohesion
• Self-Awareness: What do I/we stand for
• Communication about similarities and differences between groups (flags)

8. Family or Personal Crest/Logo
• Medium
• Digital
• Hand-Drawn
• Can be added to cups, bottles, blankets…
• Uses
• Enhance family communication
• Encourage reflection on personal values and history
• Enhance verbal expression by explaining what the symbols mean
• Create a symbol of resilience and strength
9. Promotional Flyer or Ad
• Medium
• Online
• Paper/Posterboard
• Video (watch Anthony Sullivan or 10 best infomercials)
• Uses
• Self-esteem building
• Empowerment (How can this product address a problem?)
• Exploration of impact on others (What can this product do for you)

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