There is a New Age way of thinking that is opposite of how the world has been reacting to accidents. Typically, we sign up for all kinds of insurance that include: auto, life, homeowners, and death coverage. The common viewpoint of the world is that we need these contracts so that we can be compensated for accidents and even our families being taken care of in the event of our death after planning for our funeral expenses.

What is wrong with this way of thinking? A spiritually minded person would be concentrating on a different kind of contract that was between their Higher Self and whatever Higher Power they believed we are all part of. Let us call this, “Source, or Universe” to be more profound. Now with any contract, worldly or spiritual we need to take the time to read the fine print. For instance, if we have neglected the maintenance of our home’s gutters by not cleaning them out in the Autumn or removing ice build up, and even repairing when critters gnaw their way into the roof awning our insurance will most likely not cover accidental events that cause a financial burden.

Likewise, when we neglect to take the time for self-evaluation (that may include the damaging emotions of PTSD) our spiritual channels (as are called in using Qigong energy healing or chakras as in reference to Reiki healing) become clogged up like those gutters of our house. Once they are congested up so badly the “wind, air, energy” cannot move through them to maintain optimal health in our bodies and minds. This proliferates all kinds of havoc in our lives that is reflected by what accidents or illness/disease comes our way.

I am sure there are people reading this right now, and not making such a connection. You may even think that this is an absolute, absurd paradigm! The problem with that way of thinking becomes an even greater obstacle to advancing in spirituality. You see we are spiritual beings in physical bodies, firstly. If we are able to accept this concept, than it will be more meaningful to think of needing to rely on preventing accidents in our lives, rather than on continuing old patterns that lead to hardship and death. This is particularly relative to those suffering from past trauma and not being able to move out of repetitive, reliving of terrifying events in their lives.

A gift from Source is a clearing methodology of our spiritual gutters (or insides) using Qigong and or Reiki energy. In doing so, on a regular basis, we are able to keep our channels open to receive optimal (mental and physical) health, joy, and even prosperity! The trick is to take the time needed to clear these channels in our thinking patterns and the connection to Source to help us maintain our spiritual homes.

Source by Risa Ruse

By mike