James McIntosh Knit and Nibble 1st February 2020 at The Woolpatch

James McIntosh MA and Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP talk openly and honestly at the Woolpatch, Long Melford about how homophobic abuse caused James to suffer from a moderately severe depressive episode. See the highlights in this 30minutes special episode.

James taught himself to knit through all of this. This is the story of how James, with his life partner Dr Thomas Ernst developed the concept of Knititation® – a mindfulness practice that brought joy back to James’ life through hand knitting – resulting in the publication of the world award winning book – Knit and Nibble.


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Content Timings:
0:00 | What’s coming up on the show
0:10 | Stuart & Aine introduce James McIntosh.
02:05 | James McIntosh The Highlights in small sections 1 to 4.
28:55 | Stuart shows you behind the scenes at Come Bye & Craft at The Woolpatch


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