Male Pattern Baldness or Hair Loss has been shown to be associated with high levels of testosterone in the body; specifically DHT or “Dihydrotestosterone”. This has led to the suggestion that all men with a receding hairline also have high sex drive. Not necessarily, but not totally untrue either.

What causes hair loss?

What causes hair loss? The chances for male pattern baldness to develop ranges from 23 to 87 percent in men and DHT related hair loss is only one of the causes for male pattern baldness. Environmental factors such as poor nutrition, infection and stress can also bring about the onset of hair losses.

In balding men with high levels of DHT, their hair follicles becomes hyper sensitive to DHT and over a period of time (anywhere from 5 to 25 years), their hair starts to thin as the hair follicles shrinks. Without treatment, eventually the thinning hair will fall off.

Asking a doctor

If you ask a doctor, most of them will tell you that bald men do not have high sex drive. But what they are not telling you is that men with high sex drive and hence high testosterone have higher chances for male pattern baldness. Bald men may not necessary have a high sex drive but having high levels of testosterone can lead to hair loss. So should we be worried if we are a very virile male? No, unless you have a family history of males in the family with male pattern baldness or if you have already started to noticed falling clumps of hair.

What can you do?

Male pattern baldness will affect majority of men at some stage in their lives. To halt hair loss and increase your chances for hair to grow back, seek treatment early. Without affecting your sex life, it is possible to stop hair loss today.

There are several options available to halt hair loss. One recommended solution for initial onset of hair loss is Rogaine. It is an over-the-counter medication approved by FDA for the treatment of hair loss, caused by DHT. It is a liquid that you can rub into your scalp to regrow hair and to prevent further loss. Unlike other medication, users of Rogaine did not experienced any drop in their sex drive. So next time someone passed a remark about your receding hairline, let them know that women have found you to be sexier this way. Losing your hair may not be the best way of improving your sex life, but if hair loss is a reflection of one’s sex life, at least you know that despite your hair loss, you are still getting it.

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