3 ‘survivors’ of body dysmorphia & 1 psychiatrist come together to talk about the different layers and nuance of body image and dysmorphia, its effect on love and dating, and one’s own self-worth.

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Aalim IG: theaalimabdul

0:00​-5:19 Introductions and overview!
5:19 The danger of definitions & diagnoses + is your body a ‘choice’?
10:15 is your body a ‘choice’? Why is it so easy to hate and not accept it?
14:20 The crazy similarities of growing up Fat vs Skinny.
20:50 Needing validation from others & how it can change your life
24:49 The danger of getting validation from others.
29:40 Skinny people experiencing BD but feeling silenced
33:16 BD’s effect on sex, love, dating, and self-worth

what’s your name? Tarek Ali (Tuh-reek Ali)
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What’s your sign? Scorpio (virgo rising, aries moon)
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