Depression can leave men feeling so low and sad that sex seems like a distant memory. Despite their longing to feel connected, they may be simply unable to respond to a sexual trigger. Antidepressants can be an amazing help, as they may rebalance chemical levels in the brain and allow the sadness to lift. Unfortunately, some men may develop penis sensitivity issues while they’re taking these medications. The reasons for this loss are complicated, and a doctor should always be consulted when medications cause unwanted side effects, but a good penis health routine may help men to get back on track.

Three important things that men should know about medication use and penis health are discussed below.

1. A Changing Brain

Antidepressant medications typically work by adjusting either the production or the uptake of specific chemicals associated with pleasure and feelings of well-being. These are the same chemical pathways that the brain uses during sexual activity, and sometimes, changes in this circuitry can cause problems men notice in the bedroom. These men may feel disinterested in sex, for example, or they may feel unable to achieve or sustain an erection.

In rare cases, some men develop a sensation of numbness in the penis. They may notice that their sexual encounters aren’t as pleasant as they once were, or they may feel as though climaxes are much harder to achieve, even when they’re using techniques they once considered foolproof. It’s not a common condition, but those men who develop these problems may feel as though a good bout of panicking is in order.

2. Getting Medical Help

Distressing symptoms are best addressed with the help of a doctor. Men who are taking these medications are, after all, attempting to deal with a very serious medical condition, and they shouldn’t feel empowered to simply take matters into their own hands and develop their own solutions. Instead, they should make appointments with their doctors and discuss their concerns openly. Doctors may have good solutions at hand, such as:

  • Alternative antidepressant medications. Some medications aren’t associated with these side effects, and making a switch could be ideal.
  • Tapering doses. Men who are progressing in therapy and managing their symptoms well might not need to take big amounts of medications, and their symptoms may fade as their doses decrease.
  • Additional medications. Some symptoms can be ameliorated through the addition of other medications.
  • Resolution of other conditions. Medications aren’t the only things that can cause penis sensitivity problems. Doctors can sometimes spot these additional factors during testing, and provide treatment for those issues as well.

At-Home Care

Penis sensitivity loss can cause some men to use and abuse their equipment in deeply damaging ways. They may engage in bruising, marathon masturbation sessions, for example, or employ acrobatic moves during partner play. While these moves might not hurt in the moment, due to the lack of feeling in that organ, they can be catastrophic for the long-term health of the penis. Scar tissue may form, causing deep scarring in the erectile tissue, and layers of calluses might further dampen the skin’s ability to transmit signals of pleasure.

Using lubricant may be helpful, as it can enhance the skin’s ability to feel good signals while protecting it from scarring. But common sense might be a good remedy here as well. As a man is healing, climax shouldn’t be considered a goal that should always be reached. The pleasure of sex might come through intimacy, emotional connection and gentle touch. It might still feel good, physically and emotionally, even if a climax doesn’t come.

Using a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also be helpful. These products contain vitamins that can nourish the nerve cells that line the penis, providing them with the elements they need in order to function at a peak level. These products also contain emollients that can soften skin damaged by harsh treatment. In time, these products could bring a man intense relief.

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