Increase penis size using male enhancement exercises, do they really work? The answer to this question is a big YES. To know why these exercises work, you need to know what actually happens when these exercises are performed. Believe me; you will be able to maximize the effects of the exercise only when you understand how penis size increases as a result.

Target new cell growth…

Penis enhancement works by the stimulation of new cell growth in parts of the penis. This is particularly in the chambers that get filled with blood. You see, the more blood these chambers can hold, the bigger your penis size. The blood holding chambers are called corpora cavernosa, and they are 2 in number, running through the under length of your penis.

These chambers fill with blood during arousal and produce a rock hard penis when they are fully filled up. To make your penis longer and fatter, these chambers need to expand by increasing new cells in the chambers, hence the male enhancement exercises.

Jelqing is an exercise that’s designed primarily to increase the girth and the length of your penis, using this concept. Jelqing works by stimulating blood flow into your penis and encouraging the chambers of your corpora cavernosa to grow new cells.

Develop essential muscle groups…

The male enhancement procedures also focus on particular muscle groups in the pelvic area. These muscle groups are very important for the control of how and when you ejaculate. The techniques force the strengthening of these muscles, enhancing your sexual performance by helping you last longer. An added advantage is the improved circulation of blood around the sexual areas.

When the circulation of blood increases, especially in the pelvic area, it will be easier to get much harder erections that can be sustained for much longer. Many men have stated that they have noticed much better control of their ejaculation, deriving more pleasure during sex!

The kegel exercise is a sample exercise that targets the PC muscles in the pelvic area, and increases blood circulation within.

It is common for men to be unhappy with their penis size. Most men wish they had larger penises. There is a reason for that – to give nerve shattering orgasms to women!

This is because a man with a thicker (wider) girth will be able to stimulate the more sensitive nerve endings of a woman’s vagina.

From experience, you tend to lose about 15% of your erection after several minutes of action. If you have an average penis size (like I used to), your penis becomes looser in her vagina, and she will notice it. If you were well endowed,the change will be hardly noticed and continuity is ensured.

If your partner is not enjoying sex anymore, it means that she’s disappointed every time you do it. What women want is really simple – proper foreplay, a big dick and an emotional connection during lovemaking.

Do it With Dedication, and It Will Come Out Right!

Guys who make use of penis exercises to increase the length of their penis with some dedication have always been successful.In making their penis bigger, They have always managed to reach the penis size they were looking for.

With the help of these exercises, they have now gained confidence in bed and better self-respect for themselves, affecting positively their interactions with people, most especially the ladies.

Usually, it can be very stressful when you are looking forward to increase your penis through these exercises and to figure out the right training methods and schedule. You need a routine (a workout) that will naturally help you grow your penis in size.

That would mean no detrimental products like pills or pumps. The basic thing you need are your hand and some lubrication, next to expert and experienced guidance and advise.

Source by Micheal Foster

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