Most style conscious individuals who are well acquainted with the purchase of men’s suits will quickly agree that the wool suit, especially Italian wool, is the zenith of men’s clothing. If you are relatively new to selecting men’s suits, you may be wondering why. What are the benefits of wool? Here’s the breakdown of the fabric that has become the most favoured among men’s suits.

Non-Wool Fabrics

Before we can determine the benefits of wool for men’s suits, let’s take a look at other fabrics and what they offer.

Linens- Men’s suits made from linen are generally used for summer. Linen is lightweight and considered to be very stylish. On the downside, linen wrinkles and stains very easily. Linen is also a poor choice for travel, since you’ll need to have this fabric pressed upon arriving at your destination.

Polyester- Cost conscious men can find a good deal with a polyester or a poly-wool blend suit. Polyester is a wrinkle free, easy to clean choice, but this fabric doesn’t breathe well.

Blends- Blended fabrics can often provide the best features of several fabrics. Some suits have a micro-fibre blend, which makes them more breathable as well as water repellent. Lycra is also used as a blend, to provide additional ‘give’ to the suit.

Wool Fabrics

Wool used for men’s suits has come a long way. Once thought of as a heavier fabric, best used for winter warmth, worsted wool is used for both lightweight and heavier men’s suits. How is this accomplished? it all depends on the thread count and the number of twists in the fabric.

If you’ve recently been in the market for a wool men’s suit, you may have noticed that some wools are advertised as ‘Super 100s’ wool. This is a type of fabric rating and the number has to do with the fitness of the yarn that has been used. The higher the numbers are, the higher the quality of the fabric. The finest Italian wool will be rated 100 or better. You’ll also notice that wool with a rating of 80 or higher will have a richer look to it. The higher the number, the more wool has been used, which also enables the weaver to create more detailed and intricate designs in the cloth.

Now that you understand the fabric rating, here are the advantages of purchasing wool men’s suits.

Benefits of Wool Men’s Suits

  • Wool is naturally water resistant
  • It stays dry while absorbing humidity
  • This fabric is resistant to static electricity
  • Wool is extremely durable. As long as the thread is tight (the fabric rating is above 80), wool man’s suits can be worn for many years without signs of wear
  • Wool is extremely breathable. This allows it to be worn during hot summer days without complications like overheating
  • Wool is naturally resistant to dirt
  • Wool easily maintains its original shape, which makes it a favoured fabric with designers and tailors
  • Wool is warm while also breathable, making it the ideal fabric for summer or winter
  • It is the perfect choice for those who have skin reactions to man-made materials

A Word About Wool Blends

Even when blended with other materials, wool still maintains many of its advantages. Keep in mind, the blended fabrics may change some of the make-up of the suit, though. It may be less dirt resistant with the addition of another type of fabric. The cost of the suit may also be less with a wool blend.

When choosing the perfect men’s suit for you, careful consideration of the fabric is essential. Wool, especially Italian wool, will provide you with the finest quality and clear benefits over other fabric options.

Source by M Hammersley

By mike