Male anorexia nervosa has been around the world for many years now. They often happen during mid twenties where men’s metabolism starts to slow down and causes them to gain weight even though they eat less and do regular exercises. Like female axorexia nervosa, male anorexics almost has the causes to why they have these sickness. Knowing the causes of male anorexia before treating them must be the first step a person must do in order for him to know what treatment he should follow so that he could recover fast from this serious illness.

There are 3 basic causes of male anorexia;

1. Genetics –

Have you seen a family where most of their siblings are fat or obese, but there is this one brother, sister or even a relative that is not and is more of the actual opposite of what you saw? Well the answer of it is that in their bloodline someone has suffered male or female anorexia long before their time.

Most people that have a bloodline that suffers from anorexia is usually the perfectionist type of the family. When a male member of the family is the anorexic type, they are the ones who are the depressed types and most probably the cause of the depression is an awful mocking of a classmate, neighbors and friends while they were growing up. Because of the frequent mocking that they felt during their childhood years or even during their teens, they develop a sickness called obsessive compulsive behaviors where they tend to be perfectionist and the first goal in their mind is not to be fat or obese like their parents and siblings.

2. Family –

This category is more of how a male child was raised. Not all families are perfect, there are families who are a more loving family than goal oriented. The parents of this type of family accepts their children even though they are not on top of the class or a raising superstar athlete, they are remain happy as long as their family stick together. The other kind of family is the goal oriented type. This type of family is were we can usually see anorexia problems since, the basic source of happiness of this kind of family is success at everything that they do. The parents of this kind of family are perfectionist and achievers and because of the success that they achieve, they want their children to follow their footsteps. Because of this mentality, some of the children make it to the top, while others will lead themselves to depression and often create psychological illness which includes anorexia nervosa.

3. Society and People around you –

Television or media, cultural pressures and people around you commit a vital role on the consciousness of your image. The media has a strong influence on us which the results are positive and negative. This influence creates consciousness to the people it could be in politics, wealth and health. Although the media’s goal is to inform the people, their are also bad advantages to this, we tend to more cautious and conscious to ourselves which creates multiple problems like depression, doubts and fears. Studies show men are more likely to be influenced in the media rather than women. Women are more of a “women to women tell me you secret on how to look good”, but men, they are afraid to be laugh at if they ask their friends. They are afraid the they will expose their problems “(like how to lose weight to look good)” to their fellow male companions because of their pride, that is why they tend to do more research in order to answer the questions that has been bothering them.

Knowing the 3 basic causes of male anorexia before treating them is very vital in order for an easy treatment. When you know the causes the treatment will be easy for you, both mentally and physically.

Source by Wendy Witter

By mike