If you are a man suffering from man boobs, you should not feel alone. Many men suffer from this condition and believe it or not, it is actually quite common. If you are looking to learn how to reduce man boobs, then this article is for you.

There are unnatural ways to get rid of chest fat that involve surgery or hormones, but we will be looking at natural diet and exercises that any man can do, leading to weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Many men may cringe at the thought of doing aerobics, believing such exercises are only for women. However, aerobic exercises take various forms. They do not just consist of dancing and flopping around in front of the television.

A simple aerobic exercise that anyone can do is a brisk walk. While walking may seem boring at first, it can be a very good workout if done at a brisk pace. Listening to music or bringing the dog along can make a walk a little less mundane.

When beginning a walking program, try to go at least three days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes each time. Increases in walking frequency and time should be done only when cardiovascular health has increased.

Jogging can be another excellent way to get a good aerobic workout. If you are new to jogging, you should think of beginning with a program that mixes walking and jogging in short intervals. For instance jog for one minute then walk for five minutes, repeat until 30 minutes has been reached. As cardiovascular health improves, gradually reduce the walking time and increase the jogging time.

Source by Donald Trigger

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