The condition in which there is a consistent inability to maintain or just to attain sufficient erection to have satisfactory lovemaking. The problem of erectile dysfunction among few men is temporary and the cause behind this problem may be anger, depression, fatigue, depression and different types of stressful emotions.

It is very difficult to determine the exact cause of erectile dysfunction for an individual. Multiple factors are related with the cause of this problem. For normal erectile function the coordination between psychological and hormonal factors, vascular and neurologic are necessary. If any of these factors is influenced by any process or condition than it may result into ED. Some of the important causes of erectile dysfunction are- smoking, irradiation and trauma, surgery, stress, obesity, alcohol and also certain medications.

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the failure to maintain sufficient erection to finish the sexual activity successfully. Due to this symptom many men experiences distress and depressed. Sometimes due to this problem many marital relation suffers from interpersonal issues.

The problem of erectile dysfunction can be cured by some herbal remedies also. Several herbal remedies are available from chakra to cure this problem. From chakra all the herbal supplements to cure ED are assembled carefully in a kit. One kit is sufficient for one month and the person having problem of erectile dysfunction has to take this remedy for three months. It is a tested herbal remedy and the persons suffering from the problem of ED have been immensely benefitted. This herbal kit has increased has effectively increased the erection.

Different types of herbal oils are available for the purpose of massage to male organ. These herbal oils are sesame oil based which helps to increase the circulation of blood. It helps to increase the hard erection and also increases the duration and its size.

A Chinese herb known as “Horny Goat Weed” is gaining popularity day by day. Basically this herbal pill is made for male enhancement and the male experiences an overcome in sexual disorders.

Another herbal medicines which is gaining popularity day by day is “Herbal male enhancement supplements”. These are made from herbal ingredients and are very effective for improving performance and libido in men.

Butea Superba Capsule is an herbal tablet which is very effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It increases the potency to perform the sexual activity successfully and also increases the duration of hard erection.

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