Flip open a magazine. Glance up at a billboard. Turn to just about any channel on the television. No matter where you look, it’s obvious that we live in a world where appearance means everything. That’s not just the case for women anymore, either; men are becoming more and more likely to opt for image-enhancing surgical procedures, and there’s a widely-expanding market for male cosmetic surgeries.

For obvious reasons, the face is one of the areas most targeted for cosmetic surgical enhancements. Men are constantly bombarded by actors, singers and spokesmen with chiseled features and perfect facial structures. A growing amount of pressure is placed on men to meet certain standards of handsomeness, and many men can only reach these standards through cosmetic procedures. For instance, although typically associated with women, men can opt to receive a facelift to reveal tighter, more youthful skin. Rhinoplasty is another common procedure that can be undergone to achieve a more handsome, chiseled nose. A self-conscious man might also choose to opt for a chin augmentation procedure in order to put forth a stronger, more masculine chin.

Facial procedures are just the beginning. What man hasn’t heard the stereotype that women tend to steer away from balding heads? With hair restoration procedures men no longer have to fear this claim. Surgical hair restoration is a permanent solution for male pattern baldness, and can often be performed in 4-6 hours as an outpatient procedure. In this small amount of time, a man can take years off his look and regain his self-confidence.

In addition to enhancing the look of their face and hair, many men may also choose to improve their body as a whole. In a society where weight is a constant point of judgment for both men and women, liposuction is a popular solution for removing excess skin and fat. Body contouring or belt lipectomy procedures can also be used to revamp the body and achieve that perfect, toned, fit look. In fact, many men would rather opt for surgical cosmetic procedures than put countless hours and untold energy towards diet and exercise.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer just for women. In a society that primarily judges on appearance and demands perfection, it has become not only acceptable but increasingly popular for men to regain their youth through surgical procedures like the ones listed above. In fact, the main question is no longer “Should I get cosmetic surgery?” but instead “Which cosmetic surgery is best for me?”

Source by John Eric Peter

By mike