Having men use cosmetics is unlikely due to the thought that men are not given a special place with make-up. Though lipstick and eye shadow are not what is meant herewith but lotion and other skin care products, men’s skin has not been given much concern until dermatologists considered their needs a few years back.

If we look at the skin care products in shelves today, we will find skin care creams for men to be as rampant as women’s, but it had not been so for the past few years. There were more cosmetics intended for women’s use and men’s skin care was either forgotten or perhaps scientific research for their skin type was not given much attention due to the majority of female cosmetics users. What motivated dermatologists into testing items for men’s use were the factors brought about by weather, technology, demand, hygiene, and temperature.

A basic study on skin cancer and skin ailments showed that women are not the only ones prone to irregular skin patching, but men are probable victims too. Skin cancer, a common result of low skin care, knows no target–both men and women are affected. For this reason, men are becoming conscious in giving proper care of their skin just as how other women become vain when it comes to skin care.

Therefore skin care is no longer exclusive for women; men have been given a spot in it too. The use of moisturizers is beneficial to men as much as it helps women. Regardless of the fact that men have tougher and rougher skin when compared to women, skin cancer, mild skin irritation allergies can still occur when proper hygiene and skincare is not given enough attention.

Skin creams for men are now available in the market, and the population of men using these skin care products is on the rise. More men are using these products when engaging themselves in outdoor activities. The threat of too much exposure to the sun has created consciousness among men to be just as cautious as women are. A threat, which can be properly taken care of with the help of these special advances made for men when it comes to skin care.

Source by Markus Skupeika

By mike