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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Whether we are talking about our relationship with ourselves or our relationship with food, it is important that we feel empowered to take charge of our life. In this podcast I speak with psychologist and food relationship strategist Dr. Ebony about toxic diet culture, learning how to improve your relationship with food and yourself, how to overcome power differentials in the therapy room, racial trauma and mental health, dealing with identity issues, healing from PTSD and complex trauma, and more!

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Podcast Highlights
4:30 What is a food relationship strategist?
7:35 Tips for improving your relationship with food and your body
21:15 What is body dysmorphia, and how to overcome it
24:23 How to heal PTSD and major traumas
27:11 How to heal racial trauma and overcome self-blame
37:00 Why are eating disorders so common in marginalized communities?

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