Men can easily stop losing hair just by taking the right vitamins to control pattern baldness. It can be tempting to lean towards other hair loss treatments for men, but regrowing your hair should start with your nutrition. It is just as important to tackle a thinning hair problem from the inside as it is to take care of matters on the outside.

So what are some vitamins that can regrow hair in men? First on the list are B vitamins in their various assortments. These vitamins can easily increase hair growth in men, and your results can be seen in just about a month. Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 are found in foods such as apricots, cabbage, egg yolk and potatoes.

No man should have to tolerate losing his hair to pattern baldness, which is why these vitamin supplements can take care of this problem with ease. Getting vitamin A into your diet is something many men fail to do, and they pay for it with more and more hair loss.

This helps to promote the production of healthy scalp oils called sebum. This sebum helps to evenly spread these vital nutrients in your follicle roots so that your hair can grow back the way it is supposed to. There’s just one thing that all men must be careful of when using vitamin A for fighting hair loss.

Too much of it can lead to severe hair fall. Another vitamin that helps stop pattern baldness is vitamin C. It stimulates your blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through your roots. This increase in blood causes your hair to get the necessary nutrients that it needs to grow.

It is definitely vital that all men with thinning hair problems take vitamin C to help stop baldness before it progresses to something that is much worse. As you are probably well aware, there are all sorts of baldness treatments made exclusively for guys. However it is the natural treatments like vitamins that provide the best protection for all men who are looking to prevent hair loss.

Source by Howard Litmon

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