For some guys, the end of summer means an increase in sexual activity. It’s the time when people tend to cuddle up together for warmth. That could mean that the penis gets more action when it’s cold outside than it might ever get when the sun is blazing and the temperature is high. But winter can also be really hard on a man’s body, and it’s not unusual for dry penis skin to appear when the temperature dips. Thankfully, there are a number of penis care techniques that can help a man to protect what he’s packing in his pants as winter drags on.

Keep Hydrated

Staying warm in the winter means staying inside, and most buildings are heated when the temperature drops. Unfortunately, heated air tends to have very little moisture, and if the heat comes with a blower, that current of hot air can actually pull moisture out of a man’s skin.

That’s why it’s so important for all men to drink a lot of fluid in the wintertime. Glasses of water, mugs of tea or even cups of juice can all replenish the moisture that heating elements take away, which can lead to skin that’s soft and supple. Penile skin will be able to stretch nicely and deliver pleasurable sensations when the body has enough water.

Choose Natural Fibers

In the summer, a man might let things hang free. But in the winter, he’s much more likely to bundle up with layers and layers of clothing. That technique allows him to trap heat close to his body, so he’ll stay warm even in cold rooms. But slapping on many layers of clothing can also amount to trapping moisture close to the skin.

Keeping a cloud of moisture close to the skin creates a perfect environment for all sorts of nasty bacteria to grow and thrive. Colonies of bacteria might grow so large that an infection develops, and when that happens, dry penis problems can occur. Inflamed skin can crack, bleed and feel raw until the right medications are used to treat the underlying cause.

Choosing cotton-based underwear can help. Clothing made of cotton is full of tiny holes that allow air and moisture to escape. These pieces of clothing can still keep a guy warm, but they won’t let him stay wet. That’s a key difference that can help promote a healthy penis.

Stay Safe at Play

If a man truly does have more sexual opportunities in the winter, he should pay attention to his safety. Many sexually transmitted diseases cause all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, including:

– Pain

– Bumps

– Bleeding

– Puss

– Cracked and peeling skin

Men who are getting busy with new partners should be aware of the risks and always protect their members with condoms. Ideally, partners should also be tested for common diseases before they start to swap bodily fluids. While dealing with protection isn’t romantic, it is an effective way to keep the body safe.

Add Vitamins

Since skin is under assault all winter long, men should provide their skin cells with the tools they need to mount a good defense and repair the damage if an attack does take place. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be an excellent resource. These products are specifically designed to provide the penis with the exact ingredients needed for optimal health. Some vitamins help skin cells to fight off bacteria. Others help to boost blood flow to the area. Still others provide cells with energy. All these ingredients added together mean that the penis has everything it needs to get through the winter with health and style. That’s worthwhile for any man.

Source by John Dugan

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