CINCINNATI (WKRC) – An anxious feeling as we head into colder weather might be a sign of something else.

Even though we turned our clock back to get an extra hour of daylight, some of us still see it as a sign that winter is on the way.

While it’s normal to dread winter somewhat, a new report says if seasonal blues are causing you major anxiety, it may be a warning sign of the onset of seasonal depression.

Psychologists at the Cleveland Clinic say, for people who live in the part of the country where it starts to get gray this time of year, that seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a common type of depression.

It does tend to impact women more often than men. If you start to feel sluggish, tired, more irritable or you’re suddenly craving carbs, these are warning signs of seasonal depression.

The good news is there are ways to treat it successfully, but you may want to reach out now to your health care provider.

Light therapy is one option. It involves sitting in front of a lightbox of at least 10,000 LUX for about a half-hour every day.

Others may benefit from medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two.

Since a lack of socialization and movement can add to these feelings of sadness when we’re cooped up in our homes, it’s also suggested you make plans to socialize and don’t skip the exercise, especially before the frigid months kick in.

Light therapies help with mild to moderate depression; if it gets worse, make sure you see a health care provider.