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vape pens

❤【Super-value Mini Open Pod System】–Integrated see-through pod check e-liquid levels anytime, anywhere.The tank and mouthpiece are integrated uniquely and the whole body is visible. Besides being attractive and simple, it’s easy to check your e-liquid anytime and anywhere, saving you from unpredictable dry hits.
❤【Innovative and Thoughtful Dust-proof Design】– The pod can be magnetically connected to the battery inverted. When not in use, especially when carrying in bags or pockets,simply invert the pod 180° and insert it into the battery cabin to prevent dust and fabric fibers entering the airway. The battery shell is made of aerospace-grade aluminum which is lighter, thinner and tougher. The anodized finish has a great texture and is fingerprint-proof.
❤【Easy-fill Pod with Enlarged Side-set Filling Hole】– The enlarged filling hole, set on the side of the pod,easily fits the sizes of mainstream bottle droppers.Thus, refilling is convenient without dirtying hands.Where you can buy the extra pod via:
❤【Nicely Gift】– If you are looking for a E Cigarette vape starter kit as a gift for your family , This vape pen which with elegant style design is a perfect gift to help your family(“This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance ,but this warning only applies when the device is used with nicotine”) Child safety warning (“Keep this product out of the reach of children”)

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