Over the last several decades, the feminist movement has done everything in their power to minimize men.

Men have come under attack from every corner, and as a result many believe men are no longer necessary.

As a result men have been hesitant to act like men. Many no longer want to get married or be committed to a long term relationship. Why should they?

Many women only want a child so they can have something to replace their dolls they have outgrown, and many don’t want anyone to have control over their child but themselves. They pass out sex like candy at an Easter parade, so what incentive is there for a man to want to get married?

Many women have become so independent they deem men an inconvenience. Many no longer value a man’s influence and guidance.

Men have been encouraged to act more like women and abandon their masculine qualities.

Then when they do women complain there are no real men around for them to marry so they can be taken care of, while all the time boasting they are independent and don’t need anyone to take care of them.

News flash you can’t have it both ways.

Which way do you want it?

The sad part is most women never wanted equality where they were forced to help make a family living. But for many years being a stay at home mother was looked down upon and to be a stay at home mom brought scorn from the media, politicians, and others.

Like many other groups in our society no one spoke up and now many women and men are leading a life they didn’t want.

Many desire the traditional life but for some, that possibility has all but evaporated. Our standard of living has been raised so much that many now find it necessary to work to make ends meet.

For this to change men and women need to act like men and women. If you want to have a career fine, but don’t forget being a woman, wife, and mother is one of the most important jobs in the world. Don’t get hung up on an illustrious career when that isn’t what you want just because someone thinks that is what you should do.

Don’t be swayed by those in our society who only want to destroy our way of life and what is important. Many times there are things much more important than a career..

Source by Gary Wonning

By mike